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PostPosted: February 9th, 2013, 10:18 pm
by mob6000
Yea, it's a public forum. Inherently that means speak your mind. At boondoggle, we understand that hobbies are intrinsically trivial, but we also get excited knowing others share similar passions. While pursing non-professional things of interest may be futile in the monetary sense, they enrich our lives and those we can persuade to listen or play along. Sharing those interests is critical for human development. However, do so with an open mind, combining well researched information and simple common courtesy. Blatant propaganda, misinformation, defamation, and/or any attacking of another member is forbidden. We are here to learn and be inspired. If you disagree with something, then provide the appropriate information to help build a stronger, more intelligent community.

Thanks for your participation.